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We also help with Theory Tests, Booking of driving related test, and general phone call advice on all matters to do with driving, no matter where you live in the country.

Learner Drivers Happy Test Result

How To Start Driving Lessons

Ok, so you need a provisional driving licence to start learning to drive on the road, in the United Kingdom.

You can apply for a provisional driving licence with the only official link at the bottom part of this page. Administrative fees apply.

Any other link would be subject to extra charges. We at Jon Matthews Driving School only direct you to the official channels for applying for your provisional driving licence.

How to Get your full UK driving Licence in 4 Simple Steps

Here is what you need to do...

  1. Read, & understand the rules of the road.
  2. Learn the Highway Code rules.
  3. Practice driving, in accordance with the Road Safety Act.
  4. Pass Your driving test!

How To Prepare for Theory Test

Get the Highhway Code

What Is The Highway Code

Good question. So, ...

The Highway Code contains the main official guideline, rules, and regulations that help road users understand how to navigate all types of road, in all weather conditions.

So, as the definition above suggests, it is the all-in-one resource on how to learn driving, not just for the UK, but Europe and the rest of the world.

There is a lot to be learnt from The Highway Code.

Bear this in mind...

The UK driving licence is a very respectable document showing ones ability to drive. With a UK driving licence, drivers can drive anywhere in the world on holidays without further training.

The Driving Test Explained

What happens on a driving test? How long does it last? Where to book driving test, and more...

On the day of your driving test, your examiner will introduce himself/herself, and ask you to read a number plate for the vision test.

Vision Test

You need to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres. If you are unable to read the number plate, the test will be cancelled.

There is no refund if you cannot read a number plate.

You will then go out on the drive, (approximately 38 to 40 minutes - depending on traffic).

You will be informed/instructed to follow the road ahead, unless traffic signs ask you otherwise.

Your drivng test examiner will also tell/inform you he/she will give other directions to turn left or right in good time to llow you plan and execute said instructions. you

You will be required to complete one (1) reverse manouvre. (Covid-19 restrictins may apply).

You may be asked to do a controlled stop, otherwise refered to as Emergency Stop!.

During the course of your driving test, your Examiner may engage you in friednly conversation. You should learn to cope with this.

The Examiner woul make notes of driving faults.

How To Pass A Practical Driving Test

The less faults you have, the better.

So...Do not have any driving fault.

However, you are allowed up to 15 driver errors, also known as driving faults. 16 is a fail.

Having repeated or multiple faults on the same issue would count as a serious fault.

You are not allowed one (1) serious fault.

You are certinly not allowed one (1) dangerous fault.

If all goes well, and you return to the driving test centre with no serious or dangerous fault, and the total number of driver errors is 15 or less, you will be informed you have passed your driving test!

If your driving Test Examiner feels unsafe, or that you may pose a hazard to other road users, he/she may cancell the test halfway, and you may have to walk back to your test centre. So be sure to be ready before presneting yourself for a driving test.

There is more information for booking or managing UK driving tests can be found on this page. So please, read on...

What next?

Information on Booking Theory & Driving Tests

Theory Tests: cost £23 (correct as at June, 2021).

Theory Tests are pretty easy to understand, and pass first time, with ample reading and practice.

The Pass Mark for Theory Test is 43, out of 50 questions.

That sasid, it is best to know all the answes when it comes to driving.

Knowledge gaps means newly qualified drivers are more likely to speed, and/or misunderstand traffic signs that ultimately end up in fines or suspension of driving licence within 2 years.

The question to be found on the UK driving theory test is drawn from only three books.

It pays to have all three.

All three books cost less than cost less than £22 combined.

All three titles are also available in digital format.

Hazard Perception Test

This is part of the Theory Test.

The Pass Mark for hazard perception is 44 out of 75

Driving Tests: cost £62 to £75 (correct as at June, 2021).

When to Book Your Driving Test

Most Driving Tests cost during the week, and £75 on weekends, bank holidays, and out-of-hours.

Some driinv instructors base this weekday-weekend variation in their pricing strategy.

You should check with your driving instructor before booking your driving test.

Your driving instructor may refuse to accompany you on a driving test if he/she has prior test or lessons booked, or think you may not be ready.

Either way, trust your ADI to give you honet advice. If in doubt, take an assessment lesson with another driving instructor go from there.

Choosing a Driving Instructor?

All driving instructors are approved by the DVSA who follow the same ADI Code of Conduct.

It is generally better to choose an approved driving instructor closer to where you live that offer driver tuition in your area.

Note, however, that it is not a legal requirement to use professional driving instructors. Frends or family can teach driving without breaking the law, so long as they are 21 years old, and have held a FUll UK driving licence for at least three years.

They must also have the said licence in the appropriate category of vehicle.

How Much To Learn To Drive?

How much a person spends on learning drive depends on a wide range of factors, and personal ability to lear new motor skills.

While learning over a long period may be easy on the pocket, it can add up pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, building up a lump sum and dedicating some extra time per week may look expensive, but also save you money in the long run.

Some driving instructors and driving schools offer initial discounts, other do not. Its a working policy issue for all concerned.

Most instructors offering discounts may have terms and conditions. There may also be the commitment to further puchase before discount deals are honoured in full.

Before buying discounted driving lessons, make sure you read the samll print, and try to honour your end of the deal.

You may request that a driving instructor tweaks the deal to suit you, but they may not be obliged to. So don't be offended if they are rigid to the terms of the deal.

We have an entirely different article on the real cost of driving lessons. You might find it interesting.

When Can I Start Learning To Drive?

Anyone 17 and above can learn how to drive on the road, so long as they have a provisional driving licence.

You cannot legally learn how to drive on the road. You may however, learn to drive on private property. This might help, but it's not quite the same.

Driving Lessons for 16 Year Olds

You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP). - DVSA

Private Practice Tips!

If you decide, or have access, to private practice, remember to drive the way your ADI suggested, or trained you to.

Just hoping into a car and changing the way you drive in your private car would most likely result in the ADI teaching bad habits out of you before returning to any planned lessons.

You may also want to let your friend/family tutor know what you have learnet, and ensure he/she looks out for development in those areas.

Above all, make sure he/she is eigible to teach you how to drive. There are age, and qualifying time durations to consider before letting family members or friends teach you.

You MUST get learner drivers insurance, display the appropriate L-Plate (front & back of the car), and have a spare mirror for your tutor.

Your driving instructor's car has exactly the same items; your private tutor should not have less.

How Many Lessons Do I Need to Pass My Test?

How Long Will It Take To Pass?

There is no straignt anser to this question. How long is a piece of string?

It has been observed that learner drivers who have more frequent driver training oportunities, who do private reading, and probably learn with friends, and/or family, learn to drive much quicker.

The higher frequency, and dedication to improving driving skills by private reading, and research puts some learner drivers abover the curve.

Relying solely on a one-hour driving lessons per week most likelly will make learning to drive span a year, or more.

Meanwhile, some pleople will start learning to drive and complete the training with a successful pass at the end of just one month. It all depends on the individual learner driver.

We cater for all groups. Each novice driver needs to develop at a pace comfortable for them, finance permitting.

Driving Instructors Register

You will find Jon Matthews Driving School on the Official Driving School register.

Is Jon Matthews Following The ADI Code of Conduct?

Most Definitely, Yes!

What Is The ADI Code?

The ADI Code of Conduct is a guideline on how approved driving instructors should behave, deliver lessons, market, and settle disputes.

The objective of the code is to ensure fairness and clarity, and transparency in all manners of operation, not just to learner drivers, but the government as well.

How do we follow the code?

Well, for starters, the information we put out is clear, and to the point. We advertise all prices, including how we like to be paid. Online.

By receiving payments online, customers get immediate receipts as proof of payment, showing what is paid for, & how many lessons/hours/sessions are expected to be delivered.

We Are professional in how we deliver our lessons, including how we talk, the tone of voice, and general demeanour.

We offer progress, & attendance record, using a progress card.

Our progress card shows what is expected at test standard, and where the learner driver is in relation to hitting that target.

The progress card also advices learner drivers of our cancellation policy for regular tuition as well as Intensive Courses.

This Refund Policy ensures that even before learner drivers start learning to drive, they know exactly how much refund is due, should there be a late cancellation by the learner driver.

Refund Policy

We have a dedicated Refund Policy page.


NHS NUS Prices

We offer discounted lessons for NHS & NUS learner-drivers.

Emercency Course Payment

If you have a late driving test cancellation before booking a driving course with us, it does get a little more expensive.

All driving instructors prefer you talk to them before booking/confirming a driving test you cannot cancel.

Howerver, sometimes, it does happen and we do not penalise you for this; just charge a little bit more.

Pay £35 Per Hour

Two Hours is (2 * £35 ) = £70 + £20.00 test hour premium: £90