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NOTE: You can book your driving test online yourself by using the .gov DVSA website.

Their link is found at the bottom of this and other pages.

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You need to know when, how, & where best to book driving tests.

When to book driving test

The sooner the better! Book your driving test near where you live.

Like most things in life, if you start early, you succeed at getting what you want, easier.

Remember there is normally a waiting time to book a driving test at exactly the right day, and time, that you want.

While the national average wait is approx 9 weeks, regional variation might see you waiting up to 13 weeks from booking driving test

How Much Is Driving Test Fee?

The official fee for UK driving tests are;

£62.00 {Mon-Fri up to 4:29pm}

£75:00 {After 4:30pm}

£75.00 {Weekends}

£124.00 {Extended Tests}

How Long is Practical Driving Test?

The driving test will last approximately 38 to 40 minutes.

Depending on traffic situations, your test may last anything from 35 minutes in congestion-free traffic routes.

Some driving tests have lasted over an hour.

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Driving Test in Snow

You will have your driving test in all kinds of weather.

The driving test examiner will decide if it is safe to go out on a driving test.

Just like you would go to work on on a bad weather day.

bad weather driving

This means they may cancell your driving test, even on arrival, if the weather is considered to be unsafe for test purpose.

You will be reinbursed for loss of funds by the DVSA to cover your expenses.

This could be in bright sun, snow, or rain.

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